• HM SDKM 006 - Full Automatic Linear Filling and Capping Machines

    The machine consists of two units
    Filling and capping
    pharmaceutical - cologne
    homecare - shampoo
    agricultural - natural and mineral oils

  • HM SDM 004 - Full Automatic Linear Filling Machine

    It can fill tin can, alumunium can,
    pet, coex, pvc and glass bottles
    electro-pneumatically by high accuracy
    dosage pumps full automatically

  • HM JDKM 002 - Full Automatic Semi Rotating Gel Filling and Capping Machine

    The machine can fill the product into
    tincans , pet , coex , pvc , glass bottles
    electro-pneumatically by high accuracy
    dosage pumps full automatically.

  • HM 1600-TOD Full Automatic Aerosol Filling Machines

    Rotating empty container feeder
    Rotating liquid filling and crimping star system
    Rotating gas filling star system

  • HM OYSEM 100 - Automatic Round Container Self Adhesive Labelling Machine

    The machine is able to label self adhesive
    tapes onto various kinds of containers
    such as tincan, glass bottle, pet, pvc
    and coex bottles without issues..



Hitit Machine has been established in 1987, and since then it has been one of the reputable and quality packaging machines manufacturers in Turkey. Our main focus is quality and reliability of our systems and after sales service.

As a summary , Hitit Machine is manufacturing Full / Semi Automatic or Manual Filling – Capping – Labeling systems for Sectors of :

  • Homecare Cleaning : Liquid Soap , Surface Cleaner, Window Cleaning Products etc.
  • Cosmetics : Perfumery, Deodorant, Mascara , Nail Polishing, Hair Gels, Cream, Wax, Cologne, Shampoo, shoe polishing etc.
  • Pharmaceutical : Any kind of liquid pharmaceutical products
  • Agricultural , Organic Fertilizers, Insecticides, Herbicides
  • Mineral Oils

We are ready to gladly assist you in your projects.


The New Product Line Automatic Cleaning Machine

Our new glass bottle cleaning machine was desgined and produced buy our engineers. We have added this new machine to our product range. The machine will provide services to the pharmaceutical industry. It draws attention with automatic bottle forwarding function. We designed the produciton line according our customer’s working area. Also we have added automatic bottle detection and hold function to the machine.

Our partners

We do not compromise quality on our machines. Because of that we are working with world-renowned firms like as FESTO, HERMA and SIEMENS. We are using machine parts of World Wide Companies.