Product Details

The machine consists of three units :

  • Rotating empty container feeder
  • Rotating liquid filling and crimping star system
  • Rotating gas filling star system
The Working Principle

The operators put the empty containers on the rotating feeder and by the rotating feeder the containers start to move on conveyor automatically.

On the 2nd unit, empty containers enter rotating star system to be filled and crimped automatically. There are 2 filling nozzles and 1 crimping head. The filling process is a completing system which is on the first nozzle the container gets filled half, on the 2nd nozzle the remaining part of container gets filled, this system makes the filling process much faster. After the filling process the operator puts the valves manually on the already filled containers, then these valves are crimped automatically.

After the filling and crimping process the containers move on to 3rd and last unit which is gassing. There are 2 gassing heads ( according to your demand, it can be 4 pieces as well, it is up to the volume of the gas to be filled in container ) After the gassing process, while the containers move on the conveyor until boxing , the operators put the actuators, and hoods on valves to end the manufacturing process.

The operating and maintenance of the machine is very easy and simple.

The machine does work only if :

  • Enough air pressure provided
  • Conveyor is moving
  • Liquid filling wouldn’t start if the container is not empty
  • Crimping wouldn’t start if the container is not in place
  • Gassing wouldn’t start if the container is not crimped
  • Gassing wouldn’t start if he requested gas isn’t provided

Filling of liquid and gas pumping are volumetric and with high accuracy. The machine is pneumatic , and only the conveyor motor is electrical.

  • Pneumatic parts are made by WERKOM ( Italian made )
  • Conveyor Exprof Motor is made by ISGEV ( Italian made )
  • All other remaining parts are made in Turkey.

Technical Specifications

Air Pressure : 8 kg / cm3
Max Production Capacity : 60 pieces / minute
Max Filling Capacity : Propellant 1600 cm3
Max Filling Capacity : Liquid 1600 cm3
Power of Conveyor : 0,5 HP x 2-3,80 V
Air Consumption : 2800 litres / minute
Depth : 90 cm
Width : 700 cm
Height : 165 cm
Weight : 650 kg

Full Automatic Aerosol Filling Machine

Full Automatic Aerosol Filling Crimping Gassing

Full Automatic Aerosol Filling - Crimping - Gassing System