HM TKM 002 - Trigger & Lotion Pump Capping-Screwing Machine

The machine is designed to screw and cap triggers, dispensers etc. for homecare, or lotion pump kind of products automatically and in high efficiency.

HM KM 001 - Cap Crimping Machine

HM OTKM 004 - Automatic Trigger Crimping Machine

HM KVDM 30 - Cap Screwing Machine

HM 25 YK - Semi Automatic Aerosol Crimping Machine for Various Cans

The unit crimps all kinds of aerosol cans, it is controlled by a foot valve , and operated by air pressure.

HM 25 YLK - Semi Automatic Crimping Machine for Bottles

The machine is able to crimp valves of all kinds of lotion and perfume bottles and such.

HM 15 MLK - Manual Crimping Machine

A manuel, valf crimper machine by the handle.