Product Details

The machine is designed to screw and cap triggers, dispensers etc. for homecare, or lotion pump kind of products automatically and in high efficiency.

After the filling unit, the pumps will be put on containers manually and while the containers move on conveyor between the bands , the pumps are screwed automatically by the screwing discs.

The diameters of the pumps, height and width of container can be arranged with ease. In addition, the conveyor height can be adjusted according to the filling line conveyor to be added to the main system easily. The machine can be implemented next to any kinds of full automatic and semi automatic lines easily.

ps. Hitit Machine has the patent of this machine, and it is the first and only kind manufactured in Turkey.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions : 75cm x 75cm x 200cm
Maximum Cap Diameter : 25mm - 65mm
Maximum Container Width : 20mm - 100mm
Maximum Container Height : 120mm - 300mm
Capacity : 100 pieces / minute
Motor Power : 2 x 0,37 kw
Operating Voltage : 380 v AC 50-60 Hz