Product Details

The machine contains two stations ; filling and capping. The machine can fill the product into tincans , pet , coex , pvc , glass bottles electro-pneumatically by high accuracy dosage pumps full automatically. It can feed various kinds of caps onto bottles and then crimps or screws. As optional , foil cutting and foil sealing units can be added to the system. The machine can fill these products ; cream, gel, briyantine and cream detergents.

Technical Specifications

Filling Sensitivity : %0,03 ml
Filling Units : 316 stainless steel
Main Body : 304 stainless steel
Seals : PTFE Teflon and Viton
Control System : PLC Electro-Pneumatic
Filling Volume Range : 100 - 1.000 ml
Cap Feeding Unit : Via Vibrator and Elevator
Protection Cabins : Aluminium and transparent plexyglass
Capacity : 2.000 - 4.000 pieces / hour
Dimensions : 600cm x 100cm x 200cm

Gel - Cream - Wax Filling Sealing Capping Labeling System

Full Automatic Gel - Cream Filling Capping Machine