Product Details

The unit is built on a chassis which has wheels to move easier.

The system is electro-pneumatic


There are various models with different volume ranges :

  • 25ml - 250ml
  • 50ml - 500ml
  • 100ml - 1000ml
  • 250ml - 2500ml
  • 500ml - 5000ml
There are 2 filling nozzles , pneumatic-checkvalve

The unit can be used in both ways :

Manual : The operator has to press on foot pedal each time of filling
Automatic : The operator presses on foot pedal only once to start automatic filling, the operator just changes the containers. To stop the process, operator presses on foot pedal once again.

The containers are put on unit, under the nozzles by hand, manually.

There is no dropping nor wasting of the product while filling. The maintenance and usage is so simple and easy.

Technical Specifications

Air pressure : 6 bars
Max production capacity : 1,500 pieces / hour
Max filling capacity : 100 ml
Air consumption : 200 Liters / minute
Depth : 30 cm
Width : 30 cm
Height : 40 cm
Net Weight : 15 kg
Gross Weight : 20 kg

Semi Automatic Liquid Filling Machine - LDM 0002