Product Details

It can fill tin can, alumunium can, pet, coex, pvc and glass bottles electro-pneumatically by high accuracy dosage pumps full automatically. In addition, it has nitrification and odor sucking aspiration systems as optional devices. The machine is able to fill products of pharmaceutical, cologne, homecare, shampoo, agricultural, natural and mineral oils etc.

Technical Specifications

Filling Sensitivity : % 0,3 ml
Filling Unit Body : 316 type stainless steel
Main Body : 304 type stainless steel
Seals : PTFE Teflon and Vitron
Control System : PLC Electro-Pneumatic
Protection Cabinets : Aluminium and transparent plexyglass
Filling Volume : 500 - 5000 ml
Filling Capacity : 600 - 1200 pieces / hour
Dimensions : 500cm x 120cm x 200cm

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